WooCommerce Xero accounting integration

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This WooCommerce to Xero integration plugin helps you to integrate your WooCommerce online store with Xero accounting. Allows you to sync WooCommerce orders to desired target object(Items, Contact, Quote, Invoice, CreditNote, Payment…) in realtime or manually.


  • Create Xero contact from WooCommerce order’s billing information.
  • Create Xero Quote or Invoice or Creditnote from WooCommerce order.
  • Create Xero Payment when an order is paid or completed.
  • Support real time and manual sync mode.
  • Support sync shipping fee and sales tax
  • Easy to manage and track WooCommerce order sync status.


Example of creating Xero Invoice from WooCommerce order:
You can choose to sync invoices manually or sync automatically when the order is created (or when the order status changes to a status you specified).


With extra “Xero” column, it’s easy to see orders sync status. You can also filter orders by “synced” or “not synced” status:



  • PHP 5.6 or above.
  • WordPress 4.9 or above.
  • Woocommerce 3.0 or above.


One year for plugin update and support.

Last update

v2.0.1 – September 10th, 2022



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